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Professional Bio

Jennifer’s has known that her calling was teaching since she was old enough to answer the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.   Some of her favorite childhood memories are of the times when she was just a little girl, she would line up dolls at their desks and teach them them “the three Rs.”

When she got just a little older, it became apparent to everyone that Jennifer was meant to teach.  In middle school, her love of fitness, along with her background in dance, led to lead a group exercise club for her peers at school.   (Yup, that’s her on the right in the picture below, leading an exercise class of her middle school peers.)


aerobicsAs a teenager, her first job as a waitress at Newport Creamery quickly led to her role as the “Store Trainer” at the restaurant.   In fact, before she even graduated college, she was awarded a gold name tag and the company’s “Trainer of the Year” award two different years for her exceptional success training new employees, an accomplishment that no other trainer had attained up to that point.  

Later in her teen years, soon after she graduated from high school, her high school physical education teacher encouraged her to obtain a certification to teach group exercise.   At nineteen, Jennifer began her lifelong love of motivating others to move and be healthy when she started teaching group fitness classes.    More than twenty years later, Jennifer still shares her love of fitness when she teaches at Auburn Yoga & Pilates Studio, the fitness studio she has owned and grown since 2004.  


Jennifer was always a good student and wanted to learn the most effective teaching methods. Believing that investing in yourself can make you more skilled and better able to share your passion with others, Jennifer is always learning from well-established experts.

She obtained a bachelor’s in education from Rhode Island College and began her career teaching math, science, and computers at the middle and high schools levels.    Then, after obtaining a Master’s Degree in Education from Worcester State University, she transitioned to a position as a Director of Curriculum and Technology for a school district spanning preschool through twelfth grade.   Later, after obtaining her second Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, she began teaching at the college level.   Hoping to inspire fellow entrepreneurs to pursue their passion, she currently leads the Entrepren50279681_00101_0049_XLargeeurship Certificate Program at Nichols College.

In 2016, Jennifer received a Doctor of Education degree from Northeastern University in curriculum leadership, becoming “Dr. J.”

To help build and grow her brick and mortar business in order to make a bigger impact in the world, Jennifer continued to invest in herself.  She has been blessed to train under award winning business coaches like Ali Brown, Lisa Sasevich, Jenny Fenig, and Vasavi Kumar.

Clearly, Jennifer has a unique combination of “books smarts” and real-world experience.  She  knows how to succeed in school and business.

When you work with Jennifer, you are not working with someone who talks the talk; you are working with someone who “walks the walk”….a scholar and an entrepreneur who has done what she teaches.

Through her blog, online courses, and individual coaching, Jennifer is now sharing what she has learned “along the way.”   

She wants to help you set goals that get results, develop healthy lifestyle habits, and learn productivity hacks that will help you save time and accomplish more, so that you can spend more time doing what you love with who you love.


Personal Bio

Jennifer was born and raised in New England, something you will immediately know if you listen to her speak; her “accent” is a strange mix of Boston and Providence “speak.”   She lives within five miles of where she grew up, and she has never lived more than twenty miles from where she was raised.   

She is the oldest of three children and a Virgo.   As you can imagine, these traits make her sensitive, self-disciplined, responsible, motivated, analytical, and a type-A rule follower!

She has always had a very close family who always finds a reason to get together.

Jennifer was raised as a in a very religious family and attended Catholic School for 10 years.  Her time in Catholic school taught her a lot about the importance of community and helping others.  She still have many life-long friendships with the people that she went to school with more than twenty years ago.   She is still a practicing Christian and considers herself very spiritual.

Jennifer has always believed that we should work hard and do our best to make the world a better place.   She is a firm believer that changing your corner of the world will make the world a better place.

Jennifer is the epitome of a life-long learner; not only does she hold two Master’s Degrees and a Doctoral degree, she is constantly absorbing information as often as she can.  She invests in courses, workshops, and book.

However, she is not a fan of reading print books as she has never been able to sit still for long;   instead, she is a voracious consumer of audiobooks and podcasts.  Some of her favorite books (so far) are:

Some of her favorite podcasts (so far) are:   

Even though she iimg_0018s a New Englander, Jennifer has always loved country music.   Her first concerts were artists like Alabama and Randy Travis.   Today, her favorite artists are Hal Ketchum, Alabama (her long-time favorite), Sammy Kershaw, Blake Shelton, and Luke Bryan.

Jennifer’s favorite times are spent with her two daughters.   She cherishes all moments with them but especially enjoys going bike riding, shopping (What girl doesn’t?), local eateries, amusement parks, fairs, and local attractions.


After her friends and family, fitness is Jennifer’s biggest passion.  She began teaching groAYPC01up exercise classes soon after graduating high school.  Her passion led her to own and operate Auburn Yoga & Pilates Center in Auburn, MA, where she strives to make the studio be “so much more than fitness”…She likes to believe that she and her instructors promote wellness and the importance of building community.


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