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Are you achieving the results that you desire in your personal and/or professional life?


If you don’t know how to get results that you want, it’s time to learn how to take action and achieve your goals.


Spending more than twenty years working as a teacher and service-based business owner has taught me that many people don’t have a well-defined, actionable plan to achieve what they desire; instead, they allow circumstances to determine their life path, rather than taking calculated actions to accomplish their goals and create the life they want.   

It’s not surprising that my students and clients have often reported that they were not getting the results that they desire.   Unfortunately, traditional schooling doesn’t always teach people what they need to do to get to their desired “destination,”  and students are left without a GPS (goals, plans, success) for their life.  As a result, they sometimes end up away from their desired location, unaware of how they ended up in their current surroundings, and/or unable to determine how get to their next destination.

I’m here to tell you that you can accomplish many of your goals.   You just have to be willing to take action and be willing to get a little uncomfortable at times.

Life is short.  

Don’t waste time.  

 Get started today.  (Let me help you.)

Accomplish your goals by taking the steps that most people avoid.

If you you want to get clear on what you value and work on accomplishing the items on your “bucket list,” then working with Jennifer can benefit you.


Why can’t I figure this out?

If you are at this website, you want something better or different than you currently have; you want to take action and find results.  

This is for people who want to go beyond thinking about what they want to achieve; this is for people who are motivated enough to take action to achieve their goals.

If you are still reading this page, you know you want more than you have, and you know that you need help getting it.   You know that you need someone who will listen, help you get clear, and teach you the tools that you need to get clear and take action.

I have two Master’s degrees, a Doctoral degree, and more than two decades experience as a educator and fitness studio owner.  I have more than twenty years experience helping my students achieve their career, educational, fitness, and wellness goals.  



I can help you get results too!


Working with me is for you if:

  • You haven’t had the time, energy, or knowledge to get this done alone.  
  • You aren’t currently meeting your goals, you need help devising and executing a plan to get the results that you desire.
  • You believe that it is time for you to invest in yourself and know that you are worth the investment.     




I can help you meet your goals, and I have several options to help you.

Decide what option will most meet your needs.



Enroll in my online course, Setting Goals that Get Results.

This course is designed for the self-motivated learner.   In this five-module, self-paced course you will learn strategies to create a clear plan so you can achieve your goals in every area of your life.   It includes everything videos, worksheets, and MP3s to teach you everything that you need to be successful. 

Setting goals will never look the same again. You’ll start to actually enjoy setting goals and taking the most effective actions to achieve them and feel successful.

This course goes beyond theory and inspiration; you will learn specific, step-by-step techniques on how to set and achieve goals. You will also learn how to take advantage of the everyday technologies, such as your smartphone and laptop, that you already use to help you create an effective GPS (goals, plans, success) life map for your life.

BONUS: Enroll today and get a FREE 20 minute call where you can ask Jennifer your biggest questions on creating and achieving your goals.

Enroll in Course





Book a 75 Minute call with Jennifer to work on getting clear and creating goals around ONE specific area of your personal or professional life.


Book with Jennifer (75 min)





For anyone who has more than one goal to work on, book FIVE one hour calls to work on getting clear, creating goals, and creating actionable steps around your personal and/or professional life.


Book with Jennifer (5 hrs)

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